Monday, August 15, 2011

Are there any reasons for you to make any changes in your diet?

From J. Morris Hicks blog: ...approximately one third of our fossil fuel consumption (in the USA) goes to the production of livestock for our dinner tables. We also found that on a per calorie basis, it takes twenty times more energy for animal-based foods as compared to whole plant foods. That means that if we all shifted to eating mostly plants, we could lower our nation’s total fossil fuel consumption by 30 percent.

When the brightest and best-educated people in the world suddenly realize that we can promote our own health, not only can we reduce fossil fuel consumption by 30%, we can save up to 80% of our health care dollars, stop the erosion of our land, restore our forests, save our water, feed twenty times more people on the same amount of land and so much more — they will lead the world back to eating the kind of food that we were supposed to be eating in the first place. We’re eating the wrong food, the wrong food, the wrong food. Incredibly, as the self-described smartest animals that have ever lived, we humans of the Western world are the only species in history who haven’t yet figured out what we should be eating. We should be eating PLANTS.

People For Plants.

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