Thursday, November 10, 2011

Golden what?

Ah yes... the "Golden Arches"...

As I drive all over the U.S. on my job as a school assembly presenter, I see lots of miles, and lots of fast food logos on exit signs wherever I go, enticing travelers to stop and partake in their unhealthy offerings. One day a few weeks ago, I had a revelation as I noticed yet another one of these exit signs, with McDonald's at the forefront of the group. Suddenly "The Golden Arches" took on a whole new meaning: The shape of the arches themselves can be likened to the shape of "tombstones!"

"The Golden Tombstones", "Eat here and die sooner."

Later that night at a motel, as I soaked in my nightly hot bath in the dark (my "yoga"), I came up with the idea the arches also look like "Moses' Tablets". "Thou Shalt Not Eat Here."

Back to the exit signs. Sometimes there are gas stations listed with restaurants on the same sign. I saw one yesterday with a Shell logo with the word "Gas" underneath, next to a McDonald's logo with the word "Food" underneath.
It should read like this: Shell logo with the word "Gas" underneath, next to the McDonald's logo with the word "Junk" underneath.

If you are what you eat, and you eat junk, what does that make you?

Regarding Ronald McDonald houses- for people with cancer, isn't it ironic that McDonald's promotes cancer with their unhealthy food, then gets great advertising from their "humanitarian" cancer houses? It's a vicious, profitable cycle. Just yet another example of a world turned upside down.

The only way change will occur is if people stop patronizing McDonald's and the like. If we start showing fast food restaurants we refuse to jeopardize our health by consuming their unhealthy junk food, maybe the fast food execs will educate themselves on what is healthy and what is not/be turned on to the teachings of ie: John McDougall, MD and others, and instead offer healthy fast food, or at the least healthier fast food. It is already being done on a small scale across the U.S.
Unfortunately this scenario is light years away. We need to start voting with our dollars folks. Meanwhile, fast food bigwigs will continue to profit handsomely from the unsuspecting, uninformed, obese public.

Peter adds: "For a long time I have been somewhat cynical about Ronald McDonald house as they call it here in Australia. It's for kids suffering from cancer and other diseases. The world would have a lot less cancer cases if their unhealthy foods weren't so ubiquitous! I'm sure McDonald's execs however justify the sale of their junk food in their own minds. All in the name of profits of course! Introducing truly healthy foods into their menu is just too risky as they see it. By risky I mean less profitable. Oh, but we create jobs, or that's what the market wants, we provide cheap food for people with less money, and so on the weak arguments continue.
Can we possibly hope that in 20 or 30 years there will actually be a few 'healthy' options on their menu?"

So the next time you see the "Golden Arches", on an exit sign or on the restaurant itself, see if the arches don't remind you of tombstones,
or Moses' tablets. "Thou shalt not eat here!"