Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fat, sick, and nearly dead...

Check out this 13 minute audio interview. Joe got his health back, by adopting the People For Plants lifestyle. Click "Download audio".

Submitted by Peter

* Comment from a reader: "This is wonderful. It's funny how 'juicing' is seen by the medical professions and dieticians as being not so good and yet here it, along with a healthy diet, cured disease that couldn't be cured with medication.
We should be looking at food and lifestyle more often than just getting a prescription, but unfortunately that's harder for people to do given so many issues we have with affordability and resourcing of pure food.
I know that juicing is a great way of getting nutrients that couldn't otherwise be eaten. It's helpful in addition to daily food for children."

Editor's comment: If you take prescription medication for a diet related disease, the pills never heal the disease. It's like putting a band-aid on a cut that never heals. The best way to prevent disease is with a low fat, plant based diet.
If you do have a diet related disease, it can be healed with a low fat, plant based diet: "The Starch Solution".