Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Disease promoting TV commercials, ads, and billboards

We are unknowingly bombarded by incorrect and disturbing information in our everyday lives- in TV commercials, in newspaper and magazine ads, and on billboards. What a sad thing. There are many of these misleading ads.
Here are 5:

1) On a TV commercial sponsored by the corn syrup business: To music in the background, a nice, smiling person in a beautiful corn field reports that scientists have proven that corn syrup acts exactly like sugar in the human digestive tract- that there is no difference.

And this is their selling point? They're counting on a naive public to be unaware that sugar kills (as well as corn syrup), that it is highly addictive, that it promotes diseases: cancer, heart disease, diabetes II, alzheimer's, obesity, and others. Processed white sugar has been compared by doctors to cocaine addiction as it is so hard to give up.
What a preposterous commercial. Isn't the corn syrup corporation aware of the health hazards of sugar and corn syrup? Yes they are the same. They are equally unhealthy!

2) There are several TV commercials for prescription drugs that state: "When diet and exercise aren't enough..." then they give their spiel for the need to take their drugs. What a lark. Take Lipitor for example, a drug to reduce cholesterol. If people wouldn't eat cholesterol in the first place, they would not have a cholesterol problem, plain and simple. There is cholesterol in all foods from animals. There is no cholesterol in plant foods. So, if your diet was healthy/plant based, you would not have a cholesterol problem- period. Diet and exercise would be enough.
Also be aware that all prescription drugs have harmful, unhealthy side effects, and are expensive. You are paying to be unhealthy, in more ways than one.
And if you do take prescription drugs for a diet related disease, the pills don't cure the problem. It's like putting a band-aid on a cut that never heals.
You can cure a diet related disease by turning to a low fat, plant based diet. See "The Starch Solution" in the Welcome entry of this blog.

3) In large print on a large billboard advertising a fish market along the highway in a southern state: "Fresh Farm Raised Catfish"
What a terrible, unhealthy selling point. This company obviously is hoping customers don't know the distinction between "Wild Caught" and "Farm Raised".
Maybe the company themselves don't know the distinction!?

A wild caught fish is caught in the wild- from a river, lake, or ocean. In other words, it has had a normal fish life.

A fish that is farm raised has been raised unnaturally in misery its whole life.
It is raised in a situation where it has to breathe its own sewage its entire life with many other fish in a confined area. Many people think, "so what, a fish has such a small brain, who cares?"
Fish are sentient beings that experience pain and stress. Having to inhale their own urine and excrement their entire lives makes their flesh unhealthy for human consumption. And by the way, fish is not health food. Besides containing cholesterol and saturated fat, fish are sponges for pollutants.

4) I pick on McDonalds alot, because they deserve it. Almost ALL fast food restaurants sell junk foods. I used to eat them. Now I understand what's in them. If you are what you eat, and you eat junk, what does that make you!?
I used to be a junk food junkie, until I became informed.
If we stop buying their junk, maybe fast food places would start serving healthier fast food. It is possible as there are a few individual fast food restaurants in western states that are offering healthier choices. We need to vote with our dollars folks. First, the general public needs to be educated.

On a highway McDonalds billboard, in large print by a huge burger:
"$1 buys Happiness."

It should read, "$1 buys disease and animal misery."

Educate yourself what is in that burger. Please click on the link:

McDonalds only uses factory farmed cows for their burgers. All factory farmed animals are raised in misery their whole lives.
So the next time you think about eating a McDonalds/any fast food burger, keep in mind, there's misery on the menu.

5) And my favorite commercial, (or least favorite) would be the milk mustaches. On posters in well-intentioned school cafeterias, on billboards, on TV commercials, in magazines and in newspapers, the dairy industry has plastered this unhealthy message everywhere brainwashing children and adults into thinking they need the milk from a cow to be healthy. If people were cows this would hold true. The milk from a cow is intended for its calf, not a person. I have written many blog entries on this topic. A recent one is two entries down:
In the entry "I am sad" I list several links dispelling the dairy myth. All foods from a cow promote diseases in people: cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes II, bone disease, and more. Please check out the links in "I am sad" for the truth on dairy.
We are the only country that consumes the milk from another animal.
We have been duped folks.

(And by the way, regarding the picture at the top of this entry with the kids watching TV, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) uses only factory farmed chickens- again, misery on the menu. Boycott! Do not buy. If we do not buy, hopefully they will start using only respectfully raised chickens, called free range.
At the very least, try to decrease your consumption of food from animals.

When I see all the incorrect information advertised out there in the world, the first thing I think about are children- unsuspecting, innocent children. It is time to get to the bottom of what is healthy for our kids, and what is not. We must all educate ourselves, and spread the word. There is a small growing army of people who are becoming "in the know". Maybe not in our lifetimes, but in the future there will be only TV commercials, ads, and billboards that promote the health of our children.