Sunday, September 11, 2011

Take a different road? You may have to change your perspective.

Let's say you've taken the same road to work for years. You're used to that road. Then at the office you hear from a co-worker there's a different road that is better. Without even checking out the new road, you continue to take the same route you've taken for years- even though you've heard the new road is shorter, more scenic, and will save you money. Old habits are hard to break.

The jury is in: There's a new and better road to the best health: based on science and logic, a plant based diet is healthiest. If one is to make the switch, a change in perspective is needed. If someone has grown up their whole lives eating meat/food from animals, it may be very difficult to make the change. Even though very intelligent people have been presented with the scientific information and proof that a plant based diet is healthiest, they still refuse to make the change- because they refuse to change their perspective. It may have to do with cognitive dissonance. It may have to do with stubborness. It may have to do with the fact that food from animals is addictive- they contain mild opiates.

Only when someone accepts the facts that a plant based diet is healthiest for people, healthiest for the earth, and healthiest for animals will they begin to think about changing their perspective.
Those that do, experience a whole new world- incredible new tastes, better health, more energy, and most importantly of all- a new and invigorating sense of spirituality and well being.