Thursday, September 8, 2011

What if?...

"What if the world’s leaders got together and with the help of Sanjay Gupta, Bill Clinton, Colin Campbell, and a few other prominent and credible experts- came to the obvious conclusion that human beings should no longer be eating animals or their products?

What if they suddenly realized that our consumption of those 60 billion animals a year is destroying our health, our environment, or our continued ability to feed the world?

What if they connected all the dots and came to the unanimous, and obvious, conclusion that the way we are feeding ourselves is not only insane, but it is completely unsustainable for very much longer?

Then what if they came up with a transition plan to steadily decrease our consumption of animal-based calories from where it is today to ZERO over the next twenty years?"

What if?
A sharp increase of more plant calories in our Western diets would do some wonderful things for the big three global problems we’re facing: world hunger, the energy crisis and the availability of water.

So if the above "what ifs" were met, human health would benefit, earth health would benefit, and the health of animals would benefit.

J.M. Hicks